Wij zijn dagelijks geopend van 08:00  - 01:00 (alleen afhalen)


Let op,wij mogen geen toeristen toelaten!

Sorry no tourists allowed!


 Expats and foreigners living in the Netherlands:


     If you are an expat and living in the Netherlands you can get acces to

Meetpoint Coffeeshop by showing a recent payslip, a B.S.N. number or a BRP (former GBA) together with a valid I.D.

Click the link and you can order it directly.For online ordering you need a DigiD.

Keep in mind that if you order online it takes several day's up to a week before you receive your BRP.


You can also make an online appointment and go to the counter "public affairs".

After showing a valid I.D. and paying €10,10 you receive your BRP right away.

You can now legaly acces Coffeeshop Meetpoint and enjoy the best you can get!